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    In addition to the dog’s own eye health, the daily diet is also a very important reason. Tear marks have a great impact on the appearance of dogs, especially for white dogs such as white poodle, Bichon, Samoyed, etc., which look more obvious and their images are greatly reduced. When dogs are found to have tears, we should not only clean them blindly, but also find out what causes the tears. Only by fundamentally solving the problem can we get some improvement.

    The root causes of tear mark: nasolacrimal duct, conjunctiva, oral and dental diseases, ear scabies, etc. Pain can make dogs cry, and nutritious tears provide a perfect environment for bacteria to grow. The bacteria’s metabolites oxidize to form dark tears that stick to the hair around the eyes.

    Treatment method:
    1. Take a clean towel or cotton ball every day, and use warm water to help the dog wipe around his eyes. Pay special attention to the eye socket, which is easy to hide dirt.
    2. Often trim the hair around the dog’s eyes to prevent the dog’s eyes from tears caused by excessive hair around the eyes. Pay more attention to not hurt the dog when cutting the hair. What’s more, in addition to being careful not to let the scissors scratch the dog, we also need to be careful not to put the short hair out of the dog’s eyes, or the dog will still shed tears stuck on it. In case of getting in, don’t use your hand to take it hard, use a clean soft cloth or a very soft tissue to brush it out slowly. Too hard will make the dog uncomfortable and refuse the owner’s cleaning work.
    3. Do eye care for dogs regularly every week. On the one hand, it can help the nasolacrimal duct to be unblocked and reduce the appearance of tears. On the other hand, it can also make dogs feel comfortable and improve the relationship between dogs and owners. Diet and care need to pay attention to.
    4. In the choice of food also need to pay attention to, dog’s food as far as possible is not containing any artificial preservatives, pigments of natural food. Also, don’t eat too salty food. Try not to feed food that is easy to catch fire. Otherwise, tears will be more serious. If the dog’s eyes are inflamed, it can be treated with a little eyedrop.
    5. If you take your dog out, try not to go out when the sun is strong, so as not to cause irritation to your dog’s eyes and tears.
    6. Pay attention to the changes of dog’s eyes at ordinary times: whether the eyes are moist, whether the conjunctiva and the corner of the eyes are congested, whether the dog often scratches the eyes with his hands or feet, and whether the amount of secretion increases. If the eyes are too dry or secretions are more, artificial tears can be used to spot the eyes or normal saline can be used for washing and cleaning. The best way to deal with the dog’s tears is to carry out anti-inflammatory and food management at the same time.

    In general, we are not very good at judging what causes the dog’s tears, so the first thing to consider is whether there is inflammation in the dog’s eyes. Eye drops are a more common method, and then it is to control the diet, do not feed too salty, and ensure enough water. It can also reduce the discolored hair first, and deal with it in time when the dog tears later, and ensure the dry around the eyes, so as not to oxidize and make the hair red.

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