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    Don’t overindulge dogs. In fact, there is a certain truth in the saying that dogs support people. Many dogs will become full of confidence because their owners are around. In addition, the owners who make mistakes usually don’t care. Such dogs may do things regardless, and even more aggressive than other dogs. For this kind of behavior, the owner must stop it as soon as possible, otherwise it will easily threaten the safety of others. The biting action in puppies’ period is an important way for curious puppies to contact and understand the environment. It is a very natural and common phenomenon. Because dogs have no other way to contact external information, for unfamiliar things, they can only look with their eyes, then smell with their nose, and then bite with their teeth. If the owner does not strengthen the management, the dog will not only bite the owner’s socks, slippers, clothes, but also develop to bite the director’s fingers and ankles. For these behaviors, the owner often indulges the young dog with the idea of “the dog is still small, grow up is good”. But puppies can’t understand the owner’s idea, and the untimely education makes them unable to distinguish between what’s right and what’s wrong.

    All behaviors of long-term laissez faire dogs will gradually form the wrong concept of “I am the real boss of the family” in the dog’s mind, which is also the root cause of the dog’s aggressive behavior. Generally, when the dog is over 1 year old, his character tends to mature gradually, and “aggression” is about to evolve into “bad behavior”. The aggressive behaviors caused by superiority account for more than half of all kinds of aggressive behaviors. It’s easy for a dog to see himself as a leader in the family, especially in the face of children, and other people should obey his subordinates.

    Don’t let your dog have a false sense of hierarchy. If your dog already has this kind of bad aggressive behavior, you should train it from the following aspects to get rid of the bad behavior.

    How to deal with it:

    1. Ignore the presence of dogs – the usual practice is to deliberately ignore the presence of dogs within 5-7 days. In this period of time, assuming that there is no dog at all, eat and walk as usual, deliberately do not look at it, do not pay attention to its voice. Until the dog’s attitude begins to change, you can try to send out “sit down”, “lie down” and other commands, and train the dog to accept the requirements of the owner.

    2. Food control law – aggressive behaviors related to food can be solved by controlling food. Let it feel that the food is given by the leader, so the owner should not give the dog food anytime and anywhere. Once the dog has aggressive behavior, it should take away the food immediately. After a period of training, the host can try to take the bowl, issue the “sit down” command, and then give the food to it when it does. When putting food, you can consider to put less food first, and let the dog watch the owner add food after eating, so as to change the situation that the dog has enough food at any time. The host should feed at a fixed time, twice a day.

    3. Don’t let your dog live a free life, such as snacks, walks, games, and the caress of the owner. Before your dog gets these things, you can let him learn to sit quietly or obey the command of the owner, and then reward his favorite things. At the end of the day, the dog’s overindulgence is related to the owner’s usual education. Therefore, the more strict requirements usually have great benefits for the dog’s behavior. Don’t indulge the dog blindly, and correct some bad problems in time.

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