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    To avoid obesity and anorexia caused by dog’s gluttony is the dog’s unwillingness, or even obvious nutritional failure, and the reason for anorexia is generally that the food does not conform to the dog’s appetite, or the body has problems.
    Gluttony is the excessive intake of food, which is a normal response in some physiological conditions, but uncontrolled gluttony will lead to obesity in dogs. Anorexia is not a specific symptom of the disease. A detailed history investigation must be conducted to determine the cause of the disease. Gluttony is a special symptom, physiological or pathological. The duration of anorexia or bulimia helps us to determine the severity of the disease. The change of diet quality can also cause anorexia, and the lack of palatable food can cause anorexia. On the contrary, too delicious food may lead to greedy dogs. Many animals will suffer from temporary anorexia during mental stress, which can be caused by cold stress or competing for food. Changes in dog weight are very important, and dogs that suddenly lose weight quickly show that they have serious disease problems. It can also be seen in the replacement of delicious dog food. Drug induction and hypothalamic injury may also cause this problem, but it is relatively rare. If the dog is greedy but still loses weight, it may be related to dyspepsia or endocrine disorders, such as diabetes and hyperthyroidism.
    Simple treatment of anorexia can give dogs warm food, or use some dietary additives to stimulate appetite, and then give dogs soft or liquid digestible food. Anorexia caused by mild enteritis should be fasted for 24 hours to treat fever, dehydration and electrolyte disorder and restore appetite. Catheterization may be necessary. Benzodiazepines, such as diazepam and oxazepam, were used to stimulate the appetite of dogs. However, we should pay attention to dosage to avoid drug poisoning. The treatment of gluttony involves systemic diseases, endocrine disorders, metabolic diseases, etc. food and energy should be properly controlled to prevent obesity.

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