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    For dogs, salt is a very important substance in the body. It is very important to reasonably arrange the intake of salt. Too little salt will also cause depilation of dogs, and too much salt intake will cause salt poisoning, which will bring great harm to dogs.

    So we usually pay more attention to the salt content when we feed the dog food. Sodium ion and chloride ion are essential mineral elements for animal body. Generally, the amount of sodium and chloride in plant feed is less. In order to supplement these two elements and increase the appetite of animals, salt should be supplemented in the diet. But if the intake of salt is too much, especially when the water is insufficient, it will cause salt poisoning of animals. A variety of animals have reported the occurrence of salt poisoning, but different animals have different sensitivity to salt, which shows different toxic doses. It is most sensitive in chickens and pigs, because the kidneys of dogs have very good excretion function and are not sensitive to salt, so there are few cases of salt poisoning in dogs.

    Salt is very important for dog’s health, but no matter what kind of nutrition, excessive salt will have adverse effects. Excessive salt supplement will not only cause a lot of skin problems for dogs, but also lead to salt poisoning for dogs in serious cases. Therefore, when feeding dogs, the owner should first consider whether these foods will affect dogs Cause adverse effects, and control the saltiness of the taste. Otherwise, when dogs eat the food with heavier taste for a long time, and then feed them some light food, they will be picky and anorexic. Therefore, it is very important to control the amount of salt for dogs’ diet and body.

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