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    It is self-evident that the calcium deficiency of double row teeth is very important for the growth of dogs. Whether it is the growth of their bones or the health of their teeth, it has a considerable relationship with calcium. Once dogs are seriously deficient in calcium, the impact on them is enormous. Double row teeth, bone dysplasia, circled legs and so on are all adverse reactions caused by calcium deficiency. Therefore, in order to avoid serious calcium deficiency in dogs, considerable attention should be paid to diet and exercise.
    It’s better to feed dog food. Don’t feed people’s food.
    1. The main cause of serious calcium deficiency in dogs is diet. Irregular diet or feeding wrong food will lead to calcium deficiency in dogs. In the long run, it will lead to serious calcium deficiency. Many owners like to feed their dogs with their own food, but our nutritional needs are very different from dogs. Dogs who eat human food for a long time will lead to serious calcium deficiency. In addition to feeding food, some owners also like to eat some animal livers for dogs. Because the calcium content in the food itself is not high, and dogs eating the liver will also hinder the absorption of calcium, which is undoubtedly worse for dogs. It is difficult for dogs to think of no lack of calcium for a long time. The adverse effects of long-term calcium deficiency are also unimaginable.
    2. What are the effects of severe calcium deficiency. Dogs with severe calcium deficiency usually suffer from short stature, incomplete bone development, skeletal deformity, double row teeth and other adverse phenomena, of which the most harmful is poor bone development, which may lead to dog walking instability, not only due to poor bone development, but also because of bone There is a gap between the friction will give the dog a strong tingling feeling, so there will be walking instability. And the longer the time is, the more serious the situation will be, and eventually the dog will be paralyzed. In addition, dogs with severe calcium deficiency will have many sequelae even if they are improved later. Fidgety, hot, fracture prone, lazy running are all the effects of severe calcium deficiency. Therefore, if the dog is seriously short of calcium, it will still have a certain impact on the dog. Usually do more exercise, bask in the sun.

    3. How to prevent the occurrence of serious calcium deficiency.
    2-3 months old is an important period of the formation of the puppies’ intervertebral disc. In this stage, pay more attention, even if no sign of calcium deficiency is found in the puppies, they can also be fed a small amount of calcium tablets or calcium powder to lay a foundation for their body.
    At the age of 4-6 months, the deciduous teeth begin to fall off and the permanent teeth begin to grow. If lack of calcium at this time, the deciduous teeth will not fall off, the permanent teeth will grow slowly, the enamel layer is thin, the structure is not firm, and it is easy to have two rows of teeth or uneven permanent teeth. At this stage, it is best to regularly supplement the dog with calcium to prevent the occurrence of double row teeth.
    After entering adulthood, it is not necessary to supplement calcium for dogs. Because in this period, the growth and development of the dog’s bones and other organs have basically stopped, and the demand for calcium is very small. If it is a male dog or a pregnant and lactating female dog, it still needs to be supplemented with a lot of calcium, because semen, embryonic dog and milk will lead to a large amount of calcium loss from the body, if it can not be supplemented in time, it will use the calcium in the body’s calcium bank, resulting in osteoporosis or convulsion. To prevent serious calcium deficiency in dogs, first of all, we should ensure the accuracy of diet.

    At ordinary times, we should try our best to feed dog food instead of the food we eat, so as not to cause halitosis and calculus due to calcium deficiency. In a special period, we should properly supplement calcium. Taking dogs out for exercise and sun exposure can effectively prevent the dog from calcium deficiency.

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