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    The main reason for the dog to get tangled is that the owner usually ignores the grooming. If the grooming is not done for a long time, and the dog still has the habit of dressing, it is easy to get tangled or even clumped. At that time, it will be very difficult to comb the hair again, and it can only be solved by shaving. We should also take appropriate measures for the seriously knotted coat, otherwise it will have a certain impact on the daily life of dogs. Many owners like to wash their dogs and comb their hair. In fact, when the dog’s hair is wet and dry again, it will shrink like wool, and it will be more difficult to comb it. So it’s best for a dog with a knotted hair not to get wet. Secondly, the owner must be very patient to deal with these annoying knots.

    First, slowly tear the knots from the root. This process may be time-consuming and tiring, but as long as patience is of great help to the knots, and then use a comb to comb the hair, the work will be over. The dog uses the comb and then uses two combs to comb the knots at the end of the hair, and then moves slowly to the hair root. When you feel the hair has been combed, use the comb to comb the hair smoothly. Wild boar mane is recognized as the thinnest and hardest natural thing in the world. It does not irritate the skin. It can easily comb two or three knots of hair and fine hair at the end of hair. However, the price is more expensive, and other combs with multiple teeth can be used instead. You can also spray some sheep oil rich hair spray when combing, which can make combing easier. If the dog has more than one knot, or the knot is too serious, do not take too long to tidy up. The grooming time should be no more than 10 minutes. After the grooming, the owner should praise the dogs, comfort them and give them some snacks.

    Continue the unfinished work in two hours. Moderate rest and encouragement can reduce the dog’s resistance to struggle. There are always many invisible bacteria and microorganisms in the hair which has not been cleaned for a long time, which may cause serious skin infection. If there is a rash or inflamed area under the dog’s hair during grooming, the owner should take the dog to the hospital as soon as possible and let the vet check it.

    If there is no hope to open the dog’s hair, cutting is the only way. The owner can try to cut the knot in two perpendicular to the skin first to see if it will make the knot easier. If not, cut it off, and the dog will be more comfortable. However, some dogs will hide after shaving. At this time, they need the owners to appease them, play with them more, encourage them from time to time, and don’t let them feel inferior. Regular maintenance for the dog’s hair can not only prevent knots, but also make the hair healthier and brighter. Dogs should be treated once a week with hair care fluid, and it should also be seen if it is specially designed for dogs. When the dog is seriously knotted, first try to comb it.

    If the situation is serious, then only way is shaving. Because after bathing, the knotting will become more serious, and the risk of skin disease will be caused if it is not dried in time. Moreover, the long-term knotting of the coat is also easier to hide dirt, so it needs to be dealt with as soon as possible. If it’s winter, you can put on clothes for them after shaving, of course, you should always help them to comb their fur, otherwise all the previous work will be in vain.

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