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    All say that people rely on clothes, beauty depends on beautiful clothes, one white covers three ugly. So what does a dog depend on? Her hair, of course. Hair is especially important for dogs, especially how rare it is to have a smooth and flowing coat. Of course, if you want to be beautiful, you still need to accept the tragedy that the long haired dog is easy to knot. Such dogs as Bichon, Poodles, Yorkshire, etc. are all made of beautiful and sexy hair. So what should be done when the dog’s hair is clumped?

    1. If the pet dog’s hair has been knotted, please do not use water to wet it. Because dogs get their hair wet and dry again, they shrink, making it harder to comb. To dredge the knotted dog hair, you should prepare a professional comb, and then prepare a spare one. Sometimes you need to prepare a professional dog hair spray.

    2. To comb the dog’s knotted hair, start from the tip of the hair and comb the root of the hair bit by bit. If it is difficult to comb the hair smoothly, you can spray some dog fluff properly, and then comb it. Of course, if the pet dog’s hair has been knotted seriously and can’t be combed smoothly through efforts, the easiest way is to use scissors to cut off the knot and then grow the hair again.

    3. For short haired dogs, there will be less hair clumps, like long haired dogs, which are easy to knot. If you want to avoid these problems, you can often comb their hair when you are free, especially for long haired dogs, such as Yorkshire, Acient Shepherd, etc. Must insist on combing the hair, prevent the pet dog’s hair from agglomerating, not only affect the beauty, but also easily cause skin diseases.

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