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    It can be said to make a lot of people’s lives more colorful, they may be more like a friend we can talk about. However, in the process of keeping dogs, we should still maintain a correct relationship with dogs, so how to deal with our relationship with dogs? Don’t spoil dogs too much, or they will get the dominance wrong.

    1. We are parents, but not wardens: it is necessary for us to make clear that such behaviors as hostility, growling and fighting are very bad. If we don’t control them, these behaviors are likely to get worse and even become potential threats. Other behaviors, such as chewing, running and dependence, are dog’s nature. We should not stop them, but find a proper way to let them vent.

    2. To conquer them: some people may think that the best way to make dogs obey themselves is to force them. In fact, coercion can have some effect, but the effect is not ideal. When dogs obey you because of fear, they become cautious and lose confidence in themselves, so what we have to do is to conquer them rather than force them.

    3. Ensure their dominant position: many owners can be said to be quite doting on dogs, and they always turn a blind eye to dogs when they make mistakes. Over time, they have developed a dog’s unreasonable character and directly ignore the orders of the owners. Such a habit is very bad. We can pet dogs, but proper education is still needed. We must ensure that we are a dominant relationship with dogs. So how to deal with our relationship with dogs is very important. Although we can’t force dogs, we can’t spoil them too much. Otherwise, it will be a big problem in their education.

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