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    Poor digestion of Pomeranian dogs is one of the most common diseases of Pomeranian dogs. There are many reasons for poor digestion of Pomeranian dogs, such as the owner’s inability to feed the dogs regularly and quantitatively, and feeding the dogs randomly. If there is indigestion in the Pomeranian dog, the owner should give correct treatment in time to make the dog return to normal as soon as possible.

    1. Why does Pomeranian dogs suffer from indigestion? Some owners may fail to feed their dogs on time due to temporary problems. When the dogs are hungry for a long time before they can eat the next meal, they are likely to overeat, which is very likely to cause indigestion. In addition, animal doctors also found that there are a lot of dogs suffering from dyspepsia during the Spring Festival. This is because the owners will also give the dogs food and drink during the Spring Festival. Of course, the dogs are prone to dyspepsia! In addition to the above reasons, such as food problems may also cause poor digestion of Pomeranian dogs.

    2. What are the symptoms of poor digestion in Pomeranian dogs? Diarrhea, vomiting, constipation and so on may be the symptoms that the dogs will show. Dogs with indigestion need to be properly treated in the first place so that they can recover more quickly. Here I would like to remind you that you should not treat the dog in the way you think, otherwise it may aggravate the dog’s condition, or even lead to other situations.

    3. Prevention is more important than treatment. In order to keep Pomeranian dogs away from dyspepsia, the owner should do a good job of prevention. In fact, the prevention work is not as difficult as you think. For example, it is very easy to feed dogs regularly and quantitatively, and not to feed dogs randomly. If there is any problem, the host should ask the help of professionals in time to prevent accidents.

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