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    The problem of poodle halitosis is a headache for many owners. In order to make the poodle have a good breath, the owners also use many methods, such as brushing the dog’s teeth, buying chewing gum to let the dog chew, and letting the dog eat food to prevent halitosis, but the final effect seems to be unsatisfactory. Is there any good way to solve the problem of poodle halitosis?

    As the saying goes, only good symptoms can be treated. To solve the problem of dog halitosis, the owner must first know what is the real cause of VIP dog halitosis. The main causes of dog halitosis are as follows:
    1. Food residue in the dog’s mouth;

    2. The dog has dental disease;

    3. The dog has dyspepsia and other problems. If the dog’s halitosis is caused by food residue in the mouth, the owner can start from their food and try to feed the dog dry food, because wet food is easy to remain in the dog’s mouth.

    In addition, the owner can also buy a special toothbrush to brush the dog’s teeth, which can ensure the dog’s teeth are healthy! If a dog’s bad breath is due to a dental condition, the owner should take the dog to a pet hospital for treatment at the first time. In order to make the dog have a good tooth, the owner should do a good job in the daily maintenance of the dog’s teeth. For example, do not let the dog eat wet food for a long time, because dry food can form friction with the teeth, effectively reducing the formation of tartar; buy a chewing gum for the dog, which can not only exercise the dog’s teeth, but also let the dog spend some boring time; let the dog develop The habit of brushing teeth and so on. When the poodle has dyspepsia and other problems, it may also have bad breath. In this case, the owner needs to help the poodle to get well. For problems that can’t be solved, the owner should ask the veterinarian for help in time, and don’t delay the best time for treatment. When dogs get back to health, their breath will become fresh.

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