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    Body odor is a problem that every dog has. It may be improved in winter, but it is more obvious in summer. Because the skin of the body and face of the pug dog has some wrinkles, it is easy to hide dirt and bad smell in these places. How to deal with the body odor of the pug.

    First of all, to eliminate the body odor of pagos, it is necessary to know the main source of these tastes. Generally speaking, halitosis, ear odor and anal gland are the main sources of body odor. In order to eliminate these body odors, we need to prescribe the right medicine and solve them from the root. In daily life, we must pay attention to the problems caused by the examination of the dog’s tooth stones. Every week, we should brush the teeth for the myna, clean the food and tartar left in the mouth, keep the mouth clean, prevent oral diseases and avoid halitosis. If possible, take your dog to the dentist regularly and clean the dental calculus to ensure your oral health.

    Secondly, in our life, we should clean our ears regularly. So do dogs with earwax, which color are mainly white, light yellow, yellow, shape from powder, block to soft mud, generally speaking, this is a normal situation. But the owner must remove these earwax in time. If it is not cleaned for a long time, it is easy to breed ear mites. If it is serious, it will cause diseases. It is the strong body odor produced by pagos.

    Finally, the anal gland of a pug is also an area that needs to be cleaned in time. Of course, if the owner can’t clean the anal gland of the dog, he can invite experienced friends or professional pet beauticians to help at the beginning. Wait until you know how to deal with it, and then deal with it regularly. The dog’s body odor comes from ears, body and anal gland. As long as we wash and clean the dog regularly, the dog’s body odor will not be too heavy. If there is still odor after cleaning the dog, then we should consider whether the dog has skin disease.

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