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    Dog body odor is a relatively awkward problem. Generally, dogs have body odor, and the dog body odor that is washed and cleaned regularly is relatively light. Cocker Spaniel must be familiar to all of you. It has thick skin, long and curly fur skin, which is extremely beautiful.

    The cocker family is one of the oldest land hounds. Cocker spaniel is very popular in Europe and America. It is one of the most popular pet dogs. Because of its special physical reasons, cocker spaniel is prone to body odor. Even so, many parents love it.

    Research shows that Cocker Spaniel ranks first in the list of dogs with the most body odor. Because its body hair is very long, it is easier to hide dirt and absorb dirt. If it is not cleaned and cleaned in time, the dirt will easily gather and emit unpleasant smell.

    In order to prevent Cocker dogs from producing body odor, it is necessary to clean and care timely and regularly. Comb his hair 1-2 times a day and bathe him regularly (especially in summer). In addition, the source of body odor of cocker spaniel is not only the body, but also the ears, teeth and anal gland. Therefore, in addition to cleaning the body of Cocker Spaniel in time, its ears, mouth and anal glands should also be cleaned.

    Generally speaking, you should brush your teeth for Cocker card about 3 times a week, and your ears should also be plucked regularly to clean the garbage in the ear canal, avoid the breeding of ear mites and prevent body odor. At the same time, the anal gland is the dog’s physiological organ, which can’t be changed. To avoid the body odor of cocker spaniel, it is necessary to squeeze it frequently to reduce the odor (if not, send it to the pet beauty shop, and ask a professional beautician for help).

    Healthy feeding methods can avoid Cocker’s body odor. Even if your family has Cocker’s body odor, you should not abandon her, which is also caused by your improper care.

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