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    The paw of Border Collie is a place that many parents will not find. After all, Border Collie is a medium-sized dog, and it is not the kind that can be held in the hand at ordinary times. So many times, the paw of Border Collie is cracked, which parents don’t know. Many times, it has been very serious, so they found this problem. What should be done if the paw of the Border Collie is cracked?

    In winter, the owner will find that the paw of his border collie suddenly cracks. This is not a lack of calcium, but a crack caused by the dry weather in winter. As long as the care is strengthened, it can generally be relieved. First of all, in the cold winter, reduce the number of dogs out. If you have to go, you’d better put shoes on the border collie. Prevent the paw from cracking again.

    If the paw of the Border Collie is cracked, try to apply some skin care products to the dog, such as Vaseline or human hand cream. You can also use aloe vera gel or pet shop bought professional dog foot care oil to moisturize and care for Border Collies. The paws of Border Collies are equivalent to our human shoes. Only by taking good care of their paws can Border Collies be more energetic during their activities. In addition to the owner’s need to pay attention not to let the paws of Border Collies dry and crack, the owner should also wipe the paws of Border Collies in time when they go to wet places in normal times to avoid eczema or dog cold When problems arise, especially when the paws of puppies are tender, the owners should pay more attention.

    Of course, when applying moisturizer to Border Collies, it may not work immediately. Parents need to continue to apply it for a period of time to improve the cracking of the dog’s paw. After getting better, we should continue to use.

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