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    Although there has been a folk saying that dogs like to eat bones. But that’s what dogs have to choose before they are domesticated by humans. After being domesticated, the digestive function of dogs has changed, so for hard things like bones, although the digestive ability of dogs is better than that of humans, there is still a certain risk. Following will talk about how to deal with the dog’s bone sticking.

    So what should dogs do when they are stuck in a bone? Usually it’s just a slight choking. And the bone is not too big, not too sharp, usually dogs can throw up by themselves to squeeze out the foreign matters. However, if the dog is unable to vomit the foreign body on its own, because this situation is dangerous to some extent, it is recommended that the parents send it to a doctor immediately. Ask the doctor to remove the foreign body from the dog through professional drugs and tools.

    In order to avoid the above tragedies, parents should pay attention to the following aspects when feeding dogs.
    First of all, it is necessary to provide dogs with regular and quantitative diet. In order to avoid the dog because of excessive hunger and wolfing, resulting in foreign bodies blocking the esophagus.
    In addition, when the dog is eating, try to choose a quiet place for him to avoid choking due to fear when he is eating. Secondly, do not feed the dog some chicken, duck and fish, these small soft bones. Once stuck in the dog’s esophagus, it’s hard to get it out.
    Besides, big bones cooked for a long time are not suitable for dogs. Bones that have been cooked for a long time become brittle and can easily be chewed up.
    Finally, if the parents want to give the dog calcium by gnawing bones. It is suggested that you should choose liquid calcium and calcium tablets as the safe choice. In addition, excessive biting on hard bones will make the dog’s teeth degenerate prematurely, so that when he is old, his teeth will be very difficult to grind food.
    In addition, when the dog is finished eating, if there is agitation, vomiting and choking, or if there is refusal to eat, it is difficult to swallow, and the expression is painful. It’s likely that its esophagus is blocked by sharp foreign bodies. Serious still can be accompanied by scratching the neck, coughing up blood and so on. At this time, parents must send the dog to the pet hospital. Do not use hard things such as steamed bread to press down at home. Once the foreign body is squeezed, it will stab into the dog’s body at a deeper level. The consequences are unimaginable.

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