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    When dogs eat, to avoid being frightened by esophageal infarction is a problem caused by food or other foreign matters blocking the esophagus, which is a more common situation in dogs’ daily life. Because the dog itself is faster, once stimulated or affected, it may increase the speed of eating again. So it’s best to arrange a quiet place to feed the dog.

    The common Causes of esophageal infarction in dogs are as follows:
    1. Irregular diet or too little feeding makes dogs hungry, eating too fast, swallowing large food without sufficient chewing, or being disturbed during eating, and suddenly swallowing with head raised.
    2. Because of mischievous eating gloves, wood blocks and other indigestible foreign matters.
    3. Usually not feeding dog food, like feeding chicken bone, fish bone and other small bones, resulting in sticking in the dog’s throat.
    4. Esophageal infarction may occur in any part of the esophagus, but it is most likely to occur at the entrance of the chest, the bottom of the heart and the place entering the esophageal hiatus.

    Symptoms of esophageal obstruction in dogs
    1. When the esophagus is not completely infarcted, the dogs suddenly get sick. The sick dogs show mild agitation, vomiting and choking movements. They eat slowly, refuse to eat large pieces of food (meat, bones). It is difficult to swallow, and they will show pain and suffering.
    2. When a complete infarction and a sharp foreign body are obstructed, the dog suddenly refuses to eat completely. It is highly disturbed. The head and neck are straightened, and there is a lot of salivation. There is choking or vomiting, spitting out mucus and blood with foam, often scratching the neck after the limbs, or having a cough or even suffocation. At this time, dogs are unwilling to eat either water or food. This situation must be sent as soon as possible. Go to the hospital for examination. Do not feed soft bone.

    Prevention and treatment of esophageal obstruction in dogs. The specific position can be determined by X-ray fluoroscopy.
    1. Feeding must be regular and quantitative, not over hungry, to avoid uneven satiety and hunger. It is better to choose a quiet place to feed the dog, to avoid human disturbance.
    2. Pay more attention to the dog’s movements at ordinary times, and try to put some foreign matters that are easy to swallow in places that the dog can’t touch. You can also do some training for dogs to hand over their belongings.
    3. Don’t feed the bones of chickens, ducks, fish and other animals to the dog at ordinary times. The bones are soft and small, which can easily get stuck in the dog’s throat after swallowing. If you want to feed the bones, you can choose the leg bones of big cattle, sheep and pigs for the dogs to chew and grind.
    4. Mild infarct is usually cured after choking for many times or after spasmodic swallowing, the obstruction is vomited out or enters the stomach by itself.
    5. Most of them need to be treated. Liquid paraffin or vegetable oil can be infused first, and then pilocarpine nitrate (pilocarpine nitrate) can be injected subcutaneously. After several hours, it can be cured.
    6. The foreign body can also be pushed into the stomach carefully with a thin stomach tube after the liquid paraffin is infused.
    7. If we later get stuck in a relatively close position, we can try to take it out by ourselves. But if the location is deep and the card is dead, it needs to be sent to the hospital for treatment. It is usually necessary to anesthetize the dog before taking it out.

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