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    Because some owners have no conditions to take their dogs out to the toilet, they will train them to go to the toilet indoors. Although this method saves a lot of time and effort, but there is still some pollution to the home environment. How can we deodorize the pet dog toilet? Following will introduce you a few small methods.
    Common deodorant stock solution, which belongs to high concentration deodorant solution, can only be used after dilution, and can be used when cleaning the environment. The use concentration depends on the packaging instructions and use of various products. The box deodorant is the simplest and most convenient to use. The deodorant purchased from home can be used as long as the inner package is opened. This kind of deodorant is usually placed in a smaller and more closed space, such as rooms, toilets, cabinets, etc. But the box deodorant needs to be changed regularly. There is also a spray deodorizer, which is the most common deodorant on the market now. It is often used to spray a dog’s toilet, or it can make random mess everywhere.
    Of course, we should pay attention to this spray deodorant, and avoid using it near dogs. Generally speaking, when you use spray deodorant, you should take the dog far away and then use it. Deodorant is a daily cleaning product. No matter for people or dogs, it is necessary to use this kind of thing in life. Using deodorant can effectively keep the house clean and the environment clean, which is very important for people and dogs.

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