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    Yorkshire is a very cute little dog with long and smooth hair and a playful personality. Parents do a good job of beauty for Yorkshire, but it will bloom beautiful and glorious yo. Here are the beauty methods of Yorkshire.

    1. When Yorkshire has eye droppings, wet the dog’s eyes with warm water when bathing. After washing the body, the dog’s eye droppings have softened, and then comb through the hair of the dog’s eyes.

    2. in the summer of York with large amount of wool washing, when the foam is not easy to clean, dilute the white vinegar with water in the ratio of 10:1 (water 10, white vinegar 1), pour it in a lot of foam, then rinse with water, so that it can rinse quickly. At the same time, this method can also remove the peculiar smell of Yorkshire.

    3. When bathing Yorkshire with dandruff, dilute the mouthwash (10:1 ratio, water 10, mouthwash 1) with water and evenly sprinkle it on Yorkshire, then dry it and blow it dry.

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