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    Dogs can’t brush their own teeth, so their dental care needs the help of their owners. If they want to have a healthy and good tooth, what should their owners do in daily care?

    1. Clean and brush your teeth regularly. In order to reduce the problem of your dog’s teeth, it is recommended that your dog’s parents take care of your dog’s teeth once a week. Just rub the dog’s teeth with gauze and high tooth paste repeatedly to achieve a good cleaning effect. It’s weird for dogs to use toothbrush. Dogs are used to hiding. It’s not convenient to operate.

    2. Tartar professional care. If your dog’s teeth have accumulated a lot of tartar, it’s best to send it to a pet hospital or pet beauty shop for treatment by a veterinarian or professional. If you deal with it yourself, you may injure your dog’s gums and enamel due to lack of experience, resulting in oral diseases such as inflammation.

    In general, dry dog food is better than wet dog food and canned food. Dry dog food is relatively hard. When chewing dry food, the surface of the teeth can be scraped clean by the way. Wet dog food has no such function, and it is easy to accumulate tartar on the teeth.

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