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    Pay attention to the vulnerable parts of the dog when cleaning the eyes with eye care. Some dogs are more vulnerable to the outside world because of their breed characteristics. The common abnormalities of the eyes are redness, tears, tickling, and eye excrement. These problems can be large or small, so don’t take them seriously after finding the problem.

    1. Continue to observe whether the situation is improved. If not, send them to the hospital for examination and relevant treatment as soon as possible. There are many reasons for dogs’ tears, such as inflammation of eyes, external stimulation, trichiasis and so on. In addition, if the dog’s nose or ears have some pathological changes, the dog will have more tears.
    2. The increase of dropsy. Eye inflammation will also cause the increase of dropsy in dogs. In addition, the most worrying thing is the increase of dropsy caused by canine distemper. Pay more attention to this phenomenon in juvenile dogs. Dogs without vaccination should be sent to the hospital for relevant examination as soon as possible.
    3. The surface of the eyeball is turbid. Most of these are caused by corneal injury. Some dogs will use their claws to catch the eyes when they are not in time, but if the claws are not trimmed for too long, it will cause damage to the eyes of the dogs, resulting in corneal inflammation.

    Common eye diseases
    1. Conjunctivitis. Conjunctiva is a protective membrane that protects the eyes from external stimulation. It is also the first place that bacteria come into contact with, so it is easy to be injured and inflamed. Cataract is also a common eye disease in dogs. First of all, we need to know that cataracts are not infectious, because one eye has problems, and the other eye will be affected. So there will be an eye disease, another eye also has problems, but this period of time will be different. Glaucoma is also a serious eye disease. It is recommended to send it to hospital as soon as possible. If the dog’s eyes are cleaned regularly, sometimes the owner will not take it for granted that there is excrement around the dog’s eyes, but if it is so for a long time, the dog’s eyes are easily damaged by bacteria. So regularly for the dog to do eye cleaning, you can use a warm towel around the dog’s eyes clean.
    2. It is easy for dogs with trichiasis to shed tears when they have trichiasis and other problems to be handled as soon as possible. Long term tears also cause great damage to dogs’ eyes, so it is better to deal with them as soon as possible.
    3. Eye massage for dogs. Massage can promote blood circulation and keep the nasolacrimal duct unblocked.

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