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    Most dogs are born with a certain degree of vigilance, so whenever they come to a strange environment, they will be full of tension and fear, and the way of expression is usually unwilling to eat, crouching in the corner and so on. So it’s very important for a new dog to know how to eliminate his fear.

    Environment the environment in which dogs live is changing all the time. Dogs must adapt to the environment through behavior. But dogs can adjust their behavior only by perceiving the surrounding environment first. The behavior of dogs is the complex result of the interaction between dogs and environment, and the comprehensive function of dogs. Any behavior occurs in a certain natural environment. Therefore, we should strengthen the environmental training of dogs.

    1. Training method: the owner should intentionally bring the dog to a strange environment for exercise, so as to eliminate the reflection of the dog’s search and improve the dog’s adaptability. In the environmental exercise, in addition to taking dogs to a strange environment, dogs should also be taken to places where there are vehicles, pedestrians, livestock, poultry and other activities, and the traction belt should be extended to allow them to move freely. If the dog is afraid, the owner should give comfort and encouragement in time; if the dog is afraid of strange environment or has the performance of attacking and biting an object, it should immediately send out the “no” command with threat tone, accompanied by the mechanical stimulation of pulling the traction belt. When the dog stops behaving badly, it will be rewarded with a “good” command. In this way, the dog will not be afraid of the new and different stimulation of the strange environment, and will not attack actively, so as to develop a good adaptability.

    2. Pay attention to the problem that the use of forced means in training is easy to inhibit the dog’s strange environment and new and different stimulation, and the owner should master the stimulation intensity well; the environmental exercise should follow the principle of “from simple to complex, step by step” and combine the means of more induction, less coercion, more reinforcement and less prohibition to train the dog’s ability.

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