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    People often only pay attention to the health, softness and brightness of dog hair, but ignore the electrostatic problem of dog hair. Because pet hair will fall on the sofa carpet and bed at home, if you want to prevent electrostatic generation, the easiest way is to eliminate this charge. Following are several ways to effectively eliminate the charge and better clean the hair.

    1. Make antistatic solution: Pour a teaspoon of fabric softener into the spray pot, and fill it with water. Shake the spout vigorously to mix well. Then spray the solution to the area with fabric in the house. The hair in a small area can be cleaned carefully with rubber gloves. A large area of hair, such as a carpet, can be cleaned with the bottom of a vacuum cleaner or a hose after spraying the solvent.

    2. Prepare a pet bed: Prepare a pet bed for your pet, it will not lie on your bed or sofa, which can ensure that the hair is concentrated in one area. Many pet beds have removable covers that are easier to clean.

    3. Brush the hair regularly: Brush the pet regularly, especially in the season when the hair falls off. This can not only promote the blood circulation of animal skin, but also speed up their hair removal process. Grooming should be done outdoors, or in areas with the least amount of fabric, such as bathrooms, to help clean the hair off the floor.

    4. Clean the room frequently: Clean the room with a vacuum cleaner several times a week, and the obvious hair accumulated on the carpet can be removed. Floor tiles or hardwood floors can be cleaned with electrostatic mops – vacuum cleaners blow hair all over the place.

    5. Handle the hair of the dead angle: There are many dead angles at home that are also the gathering places of pet hair: behind the door, at the bottom of furniture, and many other places that are often ignored in daily cleaning. You can use a rubber brush and dustpan to clean and prevent hair from moving to other parts of the house.

    6. Regular cotton roller brush: Tips: if you like to hug your pet before going out, take a brush with you, just a few times, you can clean your hair.

    7. Shaving a pet in summer: Shaving a pet can be considered, which is cool and can prevent static electricity.

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