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    After shaving, don’t drill into the grass all the time. Maybe the owners don’t want the dog’s skin to have problems, because skin diseases are more annoying than other diseases. Because the skin disease will not only make dogs shed hair on their appearance has a certain impact, but also quite easy to relapse, treatment is also quite time-consuming. This is not only related to our usual way of feeding, but also to the skin resistance of dogs. Therefore, strengthening the dog’s own resistance is also a way to protect the dog from skin diseases.

    1. Bathing frequency should not be high. The reason why the skin resistance of many dogs will be reduced is that the owners bathe the dogs too frequently. Although not Bathing will increase the dog’s oil content, the oil can also play a protective role. If too frequent bathing destroys the oil protection, it is easier for the dog’s skin to be damaged by the outside world. And a lot of owners don’t completely blow dry their hair after taking a bath, which is the most fatal mistake. Wet coat can easily cause bacteria to grow, which can cause fungal infection and skin diseases.
    2. Shaving should not be too short. In the summer, the owner will help his dog to shave in order to prevent the dog from overheating. Of course, we are not opposed to shaving, but it is better to keep a certain length. If it is completely removed, the skin will be completely exposed to the sun, so the skin will be more vulnerable to ultraviolet radiation, and may be burned in serious cases. So don’t take the dog out when the sun is too big, and try not to drill into the grass as much as possible after shaving, which is easy to infect the parasites. Regularly help the dog to trim the nails.
    3. Pay attention to the supplement of nutrition elements. Vitamin B and vitamin E have certain benefits for the dog’s skin, so at the same time of feeding, you can properly feed some food containing such nutrients, of course, first of all, to ensure that these plants are harmless to the dog’s health.
    4. Pay attention to manicure. Dogs often scratch their bodies. If their nails are too long, they will easily scratch the skin. If their nails are too dirty, they will easily cause infection to the skin. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly trim the dog’s nails to prevent scratches and bacterial infection.

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