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    The nutrition balance of dogs’ Diet is the basis of dog’s health. If even the most basic nutrition problems can’t be guaranteed, then the dog’s health problems can’t be talked about. Therefore, the owner must pay attention to the dog’s diet. The intake of nutrients should not only be appropriate, but also the proportion should be appropriate. Only in this way can we ensure complete nutrition and balanced diet. So how to ensure the dog nutrition balance, let’s discuss together.

    Homemade food: if homemade food, you need to have a detailed understanding of the specific nutritional needs of dogs, the nutritional value of different food and the eating habits of dogs. In addition, we should know how to make and store food. Because, the different treatment of food will have an impact on the content of its nutrients. It takes a lot of time, energy and expertise to provide your dog with enough food. Some dog owners like to prepare their own food for their dogs. If so, different food should be added gradually to make the digestive system adapt to the new food. Meat, eggs, cheese and bread are usually used as food for dogs. If these foods constitute the vast majority of dog food, they must be supplemented with some vitamins and minerals. It’s not easy to make food for dogs to ensure their nutritional balance, because it requires a very detailed understanding of some knowledge. If you just assume that you can prepare food for your dogs, it may not help dogs, but it will pose a potential threat to their health.

    Commercial pet food: pet food produced by reputable pet food manufacturers contains sufficient nutrients, and the quality of the food is excellent. The ingredients of these foods are various and easy to use. There are two types of commercial pet food – complete and supplementary. The complete type can provide a balanced diet, while the supplementary type needs to be used together with other specific foods, such as canned biscuit mixture. The label on the product will indicate the different types of food.

    There are three types of commercial pet food: dry, wet and semi wet. Most of the water has been removed from dry food, which is economical and practical. Pets can be eaten directly or added with some water or gravy before feeding. Wet pet food (for example, canned food) is not dehydrated and is most suitable for dogs. The moisture content of semi wet food is between the two.

    Based on the above analysis, we can conclude that the homemade dog food is time-consuming and easy to mix unevenly, while the commercial dog food is a mixture of fish and dragons, so how to choose a good dog food is very important. We can refer to other people’s feelings after using it, or buy some trial clothes to see which product the dog likes and which is the best for its body, and then decide to choose What kind of dog food.

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