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    Now, the car is a very common means of transportation, parents can take the dog directly out of the car to play. But many dogs don’t like to ride in the car or move around in the car, there will be danger. How to ensure the safety of dogs in the car?

    1. A small way to make dogs happy to ride a car. Some dogs naturally like to ride a car, such as most German shepherds, which has something to do with the dog species, and with the dog’s personality and experience. Of course, there are some dogs who don’t like to ride. If your dog doesn’t like to ride, you can use this method to train him: before each ride, put some delicious snacks and clean drinking water in the car, or put his favorite little toys on the car seat. In this way, the dog can connect the car ride with the feeling of happiness and establish a conditioned reflex. Over time, it will naturally like to ride. Of course, don’t forget to put away your snacks before driving.

    2. A small way to protect the seats. Whatever the brand of car, the service object of the car seat design is people. The wide and adjustable leather seats are very comfortable to sit on, but it’s not the feeling of a dog. The dog will spit out its tongue excitedly in the car, and saliva will flow to the seat. In addition, it will scratch constantly when it is fidgety, and even the strong seat will be damaged. At this time, you can spread a few newspapers on the seat, or simply make a small seat cover. Although it is simple, it can effectively protect the seat. If you love cars and dogs, you may as well try it.

    3. A small way to ensure driving safety. We can fasten a safety belt to protect ourselves in a high-speed car, but this kind of safety belt is not good for dogs. Once we brake hard, dogs will hit the car body like shells, which is very dangerous. You can put the dog in the crate to solve the problem. The dog box is small in size, holding the dog’s body tightly, like the safety helmet on the worker’s head. In the emergency brake, the dog box can ensure to minimize the damage to the dog. At the same time, the dog box can also ensure that the dog will not interfere with the driver’s driving and avoid danger.

    4. A small way to deal with dogs who are planning and barking at random. Some dogs like to dig on the chair, others are determined to be road singers, singing and shouting in the car, endless. For dogs who love gouging, you can spray the seat with bitter harmless liquid, and put a dog’s favorite toy in the car at the same time to divert their attention; for dogs who love singing two voices, in addition to wearing a mouth cage, you also need to strengthen the usual obedience training.

    5. A small way to deal with the over excited dog. For the car with no film on the window, the direct sunlight will make the dog in the car restless, at the same time, the direct sunlight in summer will also make the temperature in the car rise rapidly, which is very harmful to the dog’s health and driving safety. The solution is very simple. It’s OK to put a sunshade on the window, or just put a sunscreen on the window.

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