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    Dogs and cats are very sleepy pets. Apart from eating, playing and accompanying their owners, the rest of the day is spent sleeping. Just like people, dogs and cats sleep badly, which can also affect their mental state and physical health. How can dogs and cats have good sleep?

    First of all, how long will dogs and cats sleep in a day? Adult dogs can sleep for about 15 hours a day, which is not fixed time. They can sleep at any time 24 hours a day. Generally, when you are tired of playing, or you are busy and have no time to deal with him, he will lie down beside you to find a warm corner and start to sleep! The newly born dog can sleep at least 22 hours a day. Cats are also very sleepy animals. Adult cats spend 14-18 hours in sleep every day. The rest of the time is used for eating, toileting, playing, smelling, inspecting territory, amusing the owner and meditating. Young cats need more sleep. Sleeping 20-22 hours a day can ensure their healthy growth.

    Why do dogs and cats sleep so long? Pay attention to the sleeping dogs and cats. When they sleep, they will wake up with a slight sound. This is because the sleep of dogs and cats is divided into light sleep and deep sleep. Most of the time, dogs and cats are in light sleep state and sleep on the surface. In fact, they still maintain a high degree of vigilance. Dogs and cats can’t get enough rest when they are in light sleep, which is equivalent to a person’s nap. Dogs and cats will be in a deep sleep state only when they are really relaxed. Dogs and cats in deep sleep will generally take a very comfortable position. Dogs and cats sleep for a long time in a day, so the real time to rest and relax is not so much. The real time to sleep and rest every day is only 5 or 6 hours.

    How to ensure the sleep quality of dogs and cats?
    Let dogs and cats sleep at ease. Try not to disturb: parents may all meet this situation: seeing the dog and cat sleeping is cute, they can’t help but touch it, and the dog and cat immediately raise their head at the moment of touching the dog and cat, which is the most common case of sleep interruption. The nature of dogs and cats makes them still have a high vigilance when they sleep. As parents, they should try to avoid disturbing their sleep.

    Comfortable nest for dogs and cats. Dogs and cats do not need pillows, so the nest is the most comfortable environment for them. When the temperature is relatively low, they can add some facilities to keep warm. When the temperature is high, dogs and cats can sleep in a ventilated place, such as the balcony.

    Do dogs and cats dream when they sleep? According to Piero Scanzini, a British canine scientist, in the world famous dog dictionary, dogs dream like people. Young dogs twitch their ears and move their limbs in their dreams, while adult dogs excite, bark and even howl. If a dog wakes up from a dream, its eyes will be confused, just like human beings, and it will take a period of time to fully wake up. When the dog is dreaming, it will feel a totally different world from the reality. To be sure, cats also dream. A large number of cat brain waves during eye movement sleep show that this is completely true. Under the condition of eye moving sleep, the cat will have the performance of dreaming: jerking suddenly, local body vibration, sometimes the jaw of the cat opens and closes quickly, like biting something, some cats will talk about dreams. Others say that cats’ dreams are black and white because they are colorblind.

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