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    It’s better to eat before the dog, though it might be better for us to keep the dog as a friend or relative. But even so, we have to have the prestige we deserve. Once the dog develops a wrong level concept, there will be a lot of unnecessary troubles in daily life or training in the future, even the education of dog’s wrong behavior will become relatively difficult. So be sure to establish a good reputation in front of the dog so that the dog knows you are its leader.
    First of all, it’s easy to overlook who we and our dogs should eat advanced food. Many owners may think that even if our dogs eat more advanced food, there is no bad situation, but not all dogs do. Some owners may work late because of work. After coming back, they know that their dogs haven’t eaten for a long time, so they always let the dogs eat first and watch them devour before cooking. But in the long run, dogs will get into the habit of wanting advanced food. If they fail to meet the requirements of dogs one day, they will protest by barking or other ways, because in their impression, only when they have advanced food can we eat.
    To improve this problem, we need to make a little change. When the owners come home, they can pour good food into their food basins to let them see, but they should put it on the table instead of giving it food. Then no matter how miserable he calls it, don’t worry about it. When he has finished eating, he can pick up his bowl, put it in his cage or fence or directly put it in the place where he often eats. Then if he calls and jumps again during the period, he can take away the bowl immediately, wait for him to be quiet, and then return it to him.
    We can’t overindulge some behaviors of dogs. This is because dogs used to live together. Only the leader can eat first, and other subordinates can only watch. Once they are agitated, the leader will immediately make a threat or even bite. So let the dog know that you are the leader, and you have the right to decide when he can eat, and you have the right to take his bowl at any time. This has a wonderful effect on establishing the authority of the master.
    Your dog may do something you don’t like, like licking his face or pouncing. So when the dog is near to do these actions, he will make a low voice in his mouth and stare at him fiercely. It’s a way for bitches to threaten their puppies. This one is very suitable for suckling dogs less than three months old, because they still have an impression on their mothers. After more than three months, if you do something you don’t like, you need to change the way of threat. We can lift him up. The dogs are afraid of heights. When you lift him up, you should be honest. Then you can put him on the ground and belly up. If he struggles, hold him down! Then you press his belly and make a low cry. The principle is very simple. The most vulnerable part of a dog’s stomach is that its belly is upward to show its submission, and its low cry to show its threat. To force him to turn over his belly actually means that you are much stronger than him, and you can compromise him at any time. After so many times, these problems should be better improved.

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