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    Many breeders spend a lot of time with their dogs every day, but they have very little time to communicate with them. They often just watch the dog play there unilaterally, while walking the dog is just a mechanical traction of the dog, without any communication. In fact, we can have more communication with dogs at ordinary times, so as to promote the relationship between the owner and dogs. Following will show you how to express love to dogs.

    1. Touch the head of the dog. Most dogs will understand that you like it.

    2. Touch or gently scratch the chest of the dog. The male dog likes to pet her better than the female dog!

    3. Gently scratch the chin of the dog with your fingers.

    4. Gently scratch the back of the dog’s ear.

    5. Gently tap or scratch the back of your dog.

    6. The dog with tail should comb its tail and grasp it gently.

    7. Use your left hand and right hand, and put them on your back and stomach for a while. It will feel very comfortable.

    If you show your dog the above ways to express your love, your dog will not only understand you, but also be very happy. In order to express his loyalty and gratitude to his master, the dog will extend his tongue to add the palm of his master’s hand. At this time, please remember, don’t take back his hand or yell at the dog to avoid him licking your hand. Usually, more communication with your dog can not only promote the relationship between them, but also help us to better understand your dog. After the dog feels the owner’s love, it will become more obedient and loyal.

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