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    Amadina Fasciata are lively and curious, and like to travel in pairs or groups during the breeding season. Since the place of origin is close to the residential area, it is very close to people, so it is easy to raise and breed. Amadina Fasciata like to use grass and feathers to make spherical nests, and sometimes use old nests of sparrows or swallows.

    Morphological characteristics of Amadina Fasciata

    The newly born Amadina Fasciata are very courageous, and they are well-loved by people who are smart and active. The ideal body length of this finches in adulthood should be about 11cm, the whole body is yellowish brown, and the body color is very bright. They are extremely beautiful and have an average life span of about 5 years.

    Male Amadina Fasciata have red feathers on their necks, but females do not. The male and female birds have similar body colors, with yellow-green backs and yellow chests and abdomen. Juvenile male Amadina Fasciata have a lighter red throat than adults, but their body color is similar to that of adult birds.

    Feeding Points of Amadina Fasciata

    A carefree Amadina Fasciata all day long, with courage in nature, not afraid of strangers, not only can quickly adapt to the new environment, but also quickly become familiar with the new owner. So it is easy to raise and breed this finches. They like to hide themselves, which helps them grow.

    The captive Amadina Fasciata can be fed millet and other smaller grains, or they can be fed some lettuce. It is also necessary to eat some live bait regularly, especially during their breeding period, but also to feed them some insects. It is best to have some plants in the environment where the Amadina Fasciata live.

    Feeding Knowledge of Amadina Fasciata

    Amadina Fasciata are very particular about hygiene, especially when eating. It is best to control the environmental temperature of the bird in captivity at 15 degrees. If it is during the breeding period, it is recommended to be above 18 degrees. The petite Amadina Fasciata are very lively and can live in peace with humans. Although the ancestors were thousands of miles away on the African continent, they quickly adapted to the environment after being introduced into China, and they were a rare and unpleasant ornamental bird.

    During the breeding period, if you do not want to have quarrels between male and female mates during the breeding period, put some boxes around the aviary that they can use for production and reproduction, and prepare boxes with openings in the front. Kind of. It is their favorite to build a nest by yourself. Special attention should be paid to the fact that female birds are very easy to give birth, so be careful.

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