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    Among dogs, Golden Retriever is relatively a large pet dog, with large amount of exercise and food consumption. However, to feed adult golden retriever dogs, it is necessary to master the appropriate amount of food. Only a reasonable diet structure can make golden retriever live a normal life without the unhealthy symptoms of obesity and emaciation.

    In short, we can choose professional dog food, meat, dairy products, vegetables and so on. Each feeding can be based on dogs in 20-30 minutes to eat as a standard. Then, touch the dog’s abdomen with both hands to see if the golden hair is full. In addition, another diet standard is that the adult golden retriever dog has a large amount of exercise, a lively and active character, and is generally fed about 1 kg. Professional dog food is the best choice for golden retriever.

    In addition, it is necessary to feed some meat regularly. Meat is a good source of iron, vitamin B, niacin, protein and other nutrients. Therefore, when feeding each time, you can prepare some meat food to balance the dog’s food nutrition and ensure the overall balance of nutrition. When feeding golden retrievers, the owner should also pay attention.

    Different golden retrievers have different diets. Due to the influence of living environment, amount of exercise, eating habits and other factors, golden retriever can find the right amount, and the food they like to eat is also slightly different. When feeding, the owner should match the proper amount of food according to his unique eating habits and quantity of golden hair, so that it can eat normally.

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