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    It’s normal for us to feed dogs with hard bones and cats with fish, but the benefits that bones can bring to dogs are far less than we think. There must be many friends who think that bones can bring more calcium to dogs, but in fact, the calcium in bones can be absorbed by dogs very little, and the bones are not easy to digest. For soft bones such as chicken bones, it is easy to cause the risk of throat sticking. Therefore, we need to clear how to feed the bones to dogs correctly.

    First of all, we need to know which bones can and cannot be fed. Fish bone, chicken bone, duck bone and other soft and relatively thin bones should not be used for feeding dogs, because these bones are easy to scratch the dog’s mouth, esophagus, stomach and intestines, sometimes the dog will have blood in the stool, which may be the cause. This large bone with soft texture is easy to cause esophageal infarction, and the bone is a kind of food that is not easy to digest. If you eat too much, it is easy to cause indigestion or gastroenteritis. Not only such sharp bone fragments may also cause gastric perforation.

    Big bones can help dogs clean their mouths, molars. Which bones can feed dogs? Let’s make a clear concept first. What we mean by being able to feed is not to let him swallow his stomach in the real sense, but to let the dog chew the bones. Usually this kind of bone is hard and bulky, which can effectively prevent the dog from biting it, and also avoid the risk of jamming the throat. The main benefit of feeding this kind of bone is that it can help dogs clean their mouth to a certain extent, and dogs can chew the bone to clean their teeth. In addition, the bone provided to dogs during tooth replacement can effectively help them grind their teeth, so as to prevent dogs from grinding their teeth by biting furniture. Because the calcium in the bone is not easy to be absorbed by the dog, and there is a risk of sticking the throat, so try not to feed the dog those small bones at ordinary times, so as not to cause damage to his intestinal tract.
    We can choose big bones with hard texture to grind teeth for dogs and clean their mouths, so as to avoid danger.

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