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    With the demand of people’s spiritual life, the number of pets is increasing. In the early days of dog raising, dogs were used as house guarding animals. Most of the food they fed was the same as that of human beings. With the improvement of living standard and the diversification of pet food, dog food is changing with each passing day. How to feed dog food correctly and scientifically has become a big headache problem for many manufacturers and pet owners. Is it fed according to the growth needs of the pet’s age or according to the pet’s body shape? Is it fed according to the daily average energy demand of pets, or according to the dog food data displayed by the manufacturer? The following from the most basic understanding of dog nutrition needs and dog food to introduce how to scientifically feed dog food to everyone.

    1. Dog’s six basic nutrients. Dog’s six basic nutrients include carbohydrate, fat, protein, minerals, vitamins and indispensable water. The energy input of dog food to dog’s body can’t do without these six basic nutrients. Generally speaking, the slow growth and development of dogs, poor disease resistance and weakness are closely related to the lack of important proteins >It mainly includes calcium, magnesium, potassium and iron. Although they occupy a small proportion of the body, they play an indispensable role. For example, the growth of bone can’t lack calcium, vitamin AND low molecular compounds. Most of them can’t be synthesized in the body and need to be ingested from food. Water is the source of life, which plays an important role in the transportation and absorption of nutrients, and in the excretion of metabolites from the body.

    2. The classification of dog food. When you buy a dog and bring it into a new environment, when you go deeper and deeper into the scientific concept of dog breeding, you want to overfeed the dog food instead of feeding leftovers, facing the market When it is difficult to make the following decisions, how to choose the dog food that is suitable for your dog should start with understanding the classification of dog food. Next, we will classify dog food in the market from five main aspects. Dry type, semi-dry type, wet soft type, wet type, bagged expanded grain dog food, canned food and so on; Physiological stage of dogs: weaning, puppies, adult dogs, pregnancy, lactation, and old age >Maintain nutrition type, growth type, health type and prescription type, intestinal prescription food, hairy dog food, weight-loss dog food and so on >You can choose dog food according to the above classification standards combined with the practice of dogs. Except for the homemade family dog food, any dog food sold on the market belongs to the commodity dog food. In recent years, most dog food products are regarded as “the most perfect dog food” by most dog lovers, which belongs to natural dog food. Because of its good digestion and absorption, no side effects and the advantages of internal residues, they are accepted and promoted by many dog lovers. But because its raw materials are pure and natural, it is more expensive than other dog food. Many dog lovers “love in their hearts.”. According to their own economic conditions and the actual situation of dogs to choose dog food, remember to choose the right, not necessarily expensive.

    3. How to feed:
    A. Before selecting dog food, it is necessary to make clear the breed and physiological stage of dog food. After selecting dog food according to the conditions, feed according to the instructions on the dog food packaging bag. Because for each kind of dog food, the indicators of carbohydrate, fat, protein, mineral, vitamin and water content are different. For dogs, the physiological stage is different, and the nutritional requirements are different. We must carefully read the recommended feeding amount after purchasing the dog food, and then continue feeding;

    B. For the dry expanded dog food fed by most dog lovers, its water content is very low, generally about 10%. According to the dog’s own situation and physiological needs, we need to give additional water to increase its water consumption. Avoid the occurrence of diseases such as urinary tract diseases and digestive tract diseases;

    C. Food supercooling or overheating will cause the pet’s own reaction. In general, the standard of dog food temperature should be 1 to 2 degC higher than the pet’s body temperature;

    D. Feeding dog food needs fixed point, timing and quantity. Under normal circumstances, puppies are fed 2 to 4 times a day. With the increase of age, the number of times of feeding is gradually reduced. According to the dog’s daily activity, the physiological stage and their own situation, do not feed too full, eat less and eat more. Summary: reasonable and scientific feeding of dog food is the premise to ensure the normal and healthy life of dogs!

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