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    Dog food is a daily consumable for dogs. It needs to be fed to dogs every day. In daily feeding, the owner is better to form a scientific feeding habit and arrange the feeding time and amount of dog food reasonably, so as to make dogs fall in love with eating dog food, avoid the aversion of dog food and promote dogs Healthy development.
    Dog food should be fed according to the recommended feeding amount on the back of the package, but don’t forget that the recommended feeding amount is only for the owner’s reference. Each dog is unique, so the most important consideration for feeding is to keep your dog slim and healthy. Always prepare a bowl of clean water for your dog. If you want to feed your dog biscuits or snacks, remember to reduce the amount of staple food accordingly. Moreover, the amount of snacks should never exceed 15% of the total amount of food. General dog food will be marked with appropriate feeding amount and feeding method on the package. The owner can refer to it for use, but in any case, choosing a suitable dog food is the first problem.

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