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    Hot summer, more bacteria, food, etc. are also relatively easy to deteriorate. Parents should pay attention to whether the food is fresh when feeding the dog, and do not feed the bad food to the dog. Do not feed frozen food directly to them, which will cause gastrointestinal mucosa damage. Following will show you how to feed the dog in summer? What are the precautions for keeping dogs in summer?

    Due to the hot weather, the dog’s appetite will decrease, so the owner should also reduce the amount of food to avoid waste. Second, the dog is easy to be poisoned after eating the rest of the food, so in order to give the dog’s health consideration, do not give them bad food. If the dog has vomiting, thinning, shaking and other diseases after eating the rest of the food The owner should take measures in time and treat the dog in time, so as not to endanger the dog’s life.

    In addition, the following three points should be paid attention to: 1. Because of the hot weather, the dog should eat less in summer than in the other three seasons, which is a normal phenomenon, so the owner does not need to worry, and can reduce some feeding amount in a proper way, so as to avoid waste and make the dog eat Proper amount of food is enough. 2. Put the dog food in the fridge to freeze, which will make it more refreshing to eat. You can also mix yogurt, sliced meat, cheese, etc. into the dog food to arouse the dog’s desire for food, so as to improve their appetite. 3. Properly add some fresh fruit to the dog, or ice it, but not too cold, so as not to stimulate their intestines Stomach, in addition, every day to provide fresh water for dogs, to cool the boiled water after drinking for dogs, and in the evening to take dogs out of the appropriate amount of long-distance exercise, originally their appetite is poor, if not exercise, then the food in their bodies can not be better digested, so take dogs for a walk, help them digest.

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