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    How to raise the Dwarf Sucker Catfish? The Dwarf Sucker Catfish is gentle and slim. The body length of a Dwarf Sucker Catfish is about 4cm. They don’t eat shrimp and can be mixed with other fish. As a cleaner in the aquarium, it is better to have seaweed and seaweed plants in the aquarium because it mainly feeds on seaweed and sometimes eats the scraps of feed.

    How to raise a Dwarf Sucker Catfish?

    The fish is brown and black. There is a black stripe running through the whole body, from the eyes to the tail. Brown above the stripes and yellow below. The Dwarf Sucker Catfish has a suction cup mouth, which is the key to their ability to lick moss. However, if there is no moss in the aquarium, don’t keep it, because the Dwarf Sucker Catfish can remove the moss, and the Dwarf Sucker Catfish are easy to starve without moss. Dwarf Sucker Catfish are very easy to feed, and the price is cheap, so it is not difficult to raise them. Although the ability of cleaning is not very strong, the Dwarf Sucker Catfish is very hard-working, very diligent. So there’s no need for other clean fish. Generally, a 60 cylinder fish needs only 2 to 3 Dwarf Sucker Catfishes. The Dwarf Sucker Catfish has good adaptability. It only needs a short water transfer process.

    It doesn’t need too much landscaping for how to raise the Dwarf Sucker Catfish. It doesn’t need anything like the wood. Because the Dwarf Sucker Catfish has a very good conversion ability, they don’t need to suck wood at all, because they have their own way to obtain plant fiber, and they don’t need to get it from wood at all. And so are some other nutrients. But Dwarf Sucker Catfish like weak acid water.

    The above are some information about how to raise the Dwarf Sucker Catfish. The feeding of the Dwarf Sucker Catfish is also very simple. In fact, it doesn’t need you to feed. Just keep enough algae in the water tank. There should not be too much algae, which will seriously affect the oxygen content in the water. And Dwarf Sucker Catfish mainly eat all kinds of algae, lack of algae will lead to death.

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