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    It’s best to take more time to take the golden retriever outdoors when feeding it. However, because many people are busy with their work, they can only keep the golden retriever at home most of the time. What should we pay attention to when feeding the golden retriever indoors?

    Keeps golden retriever indoors, but only when the owner’s family is by the side can golden retriever move freely indoors. When going out or at night, there may be danger, so it is necessary to teach it to return.

    In terms of diet, we should give high-quality dog food at a fixed time, and never let it share the human diet. Most dogs are outdoors, so they can be trained to excrete outdoors. It’s hard to train the dog’s excretion habits in the dog’s time, but even if it’s raised in an apartment, it’s also necessary to take it outdoors to excrete. Some families may have to go out to walk the dog at night, which can make the dog’s skin vulnerable. Therefore, we should pay more attention to take it out for sunbathing.

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