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    The back half of the Gymnocorymbus ternetzi fish is black with mild temperament, which is relatively easy to raise in tropical fish. Their body black will gradually become light, like social life, can be mixed. How to breed Gymnocorymbus ternetzi?

    The most suitable water temperature for raising Gymnocorymbus ternetzi fish is from 24 degC to 26 degC. The water quality of the Gymnocorymbus ternetzi is about dh6, and the pH value of the most suitable water quality is 6.5-7. The feeding requirements of Gymnocorymbus ternetzi are easy-going. All kinds of animal feeds and artificial feeds can be fed, and they like to swim in the middle water layer to find food. They are fierce and have a large amount of food, so they grow and develop rapidly.

    It is suggested that the personality of Gymnocorymbus ternetzi is timid and gentle, but lively and gregarious; therefore, it can be mixed with a variety of fish. The tank size of Gymnocorymbus ternetzi is the best aquarium for this fish. Because the Gymnocorymbus ternetzi is a medium-sized ornamental fish, but the specific tank size depends on the feeding amount.

    Reproduction of Gymnocorymbus ternetzi

    Gymnocorymbus ternetzi is an oviparous fish. It is not difficult to choose the strong and strong Gymnocorymbus ternetzi as the parent fish when it enters sexual maturity from eight to ten years old. The male and female Gymnocorymbus ternetzi at the time of estrus will be put into the breeding aquarium according to the ratio of two to one or three to one.

    The breeding water for Gymnocorymbus ternetzi is generally required to be between 26 degC and 28 degC, while the pH value is 6.8-7.0, and the water hardness is 4. 4. After the parent fish of Gymnocorymbus ternetzi is put into the fish nest, it can be seen that the male parent fish of it chases the female parent fish of Gymnocorymbus ternetzi. After repeated times, the spawning and sperm excretion can be completed.

    After mating, the Gymnocorymbus ternetzi has the habit of eating its eggs. After the the parent fish completes the action of laying eggs and excreting sperm, it is necessary to fish out the parent fish of the Gymnocorymbus ternetzi, so as to prevent the parent fish of the Gymnocorymbus ternetzi from swallowing eggs.

    The breeding aquarium is arranged in the breeding Aquarium of Gymnocorymbus ternetzi. Some aquatic plants should be placed for attachment of eggs. However, it is unnecessary to lay sand at the bottom of the breeding aquarium. It is suggested that the fertilized eggs should be hatched 24-36 hours after hatching. The newly hatched larvae often float on the water surface with their small tails. After 3-4 days, the larvae begin to swim for food. The fertilized eggs of Gymnocorymbus ternetzi are not photophobic. They can hatch fry about one day later, and can swim for food in 2-3 days.

    The key point of male and female identification of Gymnocorymbus ternetzi is that the male of Gymnocorymbus ternetzi is characterized by flat abdomen and slightly dark color. The female of Gymnocorymbus ternetzi is characterized by round abdomen. If pairing is needed, it is better to start feeding in batches when the fish is young. Generally, choose 10 to 20 fish in the same nest for one to two months. When it becomes an adult, it will automatically pair. If a pair is forced, it will succeed, but the output is not very high.

    The Gymnocorymbus ternetzi is a small, lovely, active and ornamental fish. It can be mixed with other tropical fish and is an indispensable figure in the aquarium.

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