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    A dog is no less than a child. Generally, most people like medium and large dogs are men. Many people don’t pay much attention to men, so who can rest assured that a big man can take care of a young dog? We must pay attention to the feeding knowledge of husky, because Husky is a very delicate dog (especially Husky Puppies).

    In daily feeding or nursing, we must pay attention to the following points, so that Husky Puppies can accompany you healthy and happy every day.

    1. Husky can’t eat high sugar, high fat, high salt food, high sugar. High fat food is easy to make xiaoha fat, while obesity is easy to induce a series of diseases, such as fatty liver, diabetes, hyperlipidemia, coronary heart disease and so on, which damage the system of exercise, circulation and reproduction. These diseases will be life-threatening when husky gets older. Husky puppies ingested too much salt for a long time, which increased the burden of kidney excretion and affected the health of kidney. At the same time, the imbalance of various minerals and vitamins in the body directly affected the health and resistance of skin and caused various skin diseases.

    2. Husky can’t eat the liver for a long time: The liver is rich in vitamin A, which is harmful to xiaoha. But if he eats the liver as the main food every day for a long time, he can cause vitamin A excess or even poisoning. Excessive vitamin A can affect the absorption of calcium in the intestine and the metabolism of calcium in the body, resulting in the lack of calcium in dogs, especially in Husky Puppies.

    3. Don’t give husky leftovers: Throw away the leftovers of canned dog food, non dry food. Husky’s leftovers should be emptied every day. Don’t give husky bad or rotten food.

    4. To feed husky with regular food and dog food. Don’t use cat food as dog food for puppies, because the protein in cat food is too high.

    5. Do not give husky irritating or dangerous food: Hard chicken or fish bones. Don’t feed husky food that is too cold or too hot. It will cause damage to Husky’s mouth. At the same time, don’t disturb husky when eating, otherwise husky will become very nervous when eating later.

    6. Don’t pamper your Husky. Don’t satisfy his demands because husky asks for food from you, which will make him develop bad habits, and husky will soon be overweight. You should establish a set of strict feeding time to let husky eat in his bowl. Husky should also be taught to sit and wait for food, and to start eating only with the permission of the host.

    7. If the owner is worried about Husky’s lack of body nutrition when he grows up, he can cook an egg every three to five times, and give the dog the yolk. If conditions permit, he can buy some calcium stomach energy and growth treasure for the dog, because Husky’s skeleton grows faster in his childhood. It needs a lot of nutrition to maintain the normal metabolism of dogs.

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