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    Poodle has a relatively short development period compared with human, so it needs a lot of nutrition from childhood to adulthood, but there are a lot to pay attention to the distribution of meal and the control of meal quantity, so the dog’s meal is also a key knowledge.

    1. The life span of poodle is about 12-16 years. Because of its short development period, it needs the same nutrition as human beings. It needs to supply fresh water, protein, vitamins, fats, carbohydrates, minerals, etc.

    2. Feed the weaned poodle four times a day. Three months later, they were early, middle and late three times, and six months later, they were divided into two times a day. VIP dogs have large stomachs. Some adult dogs can get the calories they need for a day just by eating a meal. The food consumption of poodles should be different according to different poodles.

    3. It is better to feed the poodle with “80% full”. Every three days, the poodle can chew some pig and cattle bones. On the one hand, it can supplement calcium, on the other hand, it can strengthen its teeth and bones. When feeding the poodle, it should be fed according to the constitution of the poodle, otherwise it is easy to cause dog disease. Although the poodle likes to eat chicken bone, it is still very hard after cooking. Sometimes it can cause traumatic enteritis due to the stab of chicken bone fragment to stomach or intestinal mucosa.

    4. The right way to cook the chicken skull is to use a high-pressure steam pot to cook the skull, then cut off the beak and jaw bone, crush the skull, and then feed. In addition, Jigu Decoction contains a lot of glia, which can help the development of the young dog’s skeleton and increase the effect of hematopoiesis, and has a good effect on the development of the young dog.

    In fact, there are many ways to increase the nutrition of poodle. Changing the diet and controlling the diet from time to time during the growing period of poodle is very helpful to the growth and health of poodle.

    Note: when feeding, pay attention to the hygiene of the dinner plate and the quality and safety of the food, ensure that the dogs eat clean and sanitary food, and try to give the VIP dogs as little food containing additives as possible.

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