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    It is suggested that a reasonable diet for dogs from a young age can not only maintain a balanced nutrition, but also help dogs develop good eating habits. There are great differences in the feeding methods of dogs in different stages. It is a very important stage for dogs when they are young, so we must pay more attention to it.
    1. It is suggested that young dogs should eat less and more food, and the times of feeding dog food at different ages are different. For puppies of 2-3 three months, it is recommended to feed 4 times a day. For puppies of 6 months, it is recommended to feed 2-3 times a day. After that, it can be fed twice a day. In adulthood, it can be fed once or twice depending on the situation. Generally, do not feed too much at one time. Don’t try to speed up your dog’s growth by overfeeding. Most of the food will be wasted. In addition, because the excessive food exceeds the developing digestive capacity of the puppies, it will lead to bone pain in the puppies in the future. In addition, when overweight puppies grow into overweight adult dogs, they may suffer from various diseases. In addition, it should be noted that the time between exercise and eating should not be too close, which will help to prevent the risk of gastric distention or colic.
    2. The feeding place. Try to choose a relatively quiet place for feeding, and do not let it be disturbed in the process of eating, and do not let it eat in the place where we eat. Don’t disturb the puppies when they eat, otherwise they may mistakenly regard us as “Predators” trying to steal their food and cause them to attack. More than one dog should be fed separately to avoid bullying and fighting with each other.

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