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    In pregnancy, whether for their diet or care, we need to pay more attention than usual, so as not to cause abortion due to some mistakes. Of course, for pregnant dogs, how to reasonably arrange diet is still the most important. So let’s talk about how to feed a baby dog in pregnancy.

    The weight of a pregnant female dogs begins to increase rapidly in the last four weeks of pregnancy. In the early stage of pregnancy, if you feed too much, it will lead to obesity and affect the production, especially for Chihuahua, a dog that usually lacks exercise. Generally speaking, the feeding amount of pregnant female dog should be increased by 10% to 15% every week from the 15th week of pregnancy. At the time of production, the feeding amount should be 50% more than that at the time of mating.

    During pregnancy, because the uterus occupies a large amount of space in the abdomen, the stomach of the female dog can not be normally dilated. Therefore, it is better to eat more and eat less every day. The food should contain high nutrition and be delicious to meet its needs. The demand for nutrition and energy will increase dramatically in lactating female dogs. During this period, it will eat 3-4 times as much food as an ordinary dog, so as to provide sufficient milk for the puppies and ensure their own good health. During the peak period of lactation (about 3-4 weeks), it provides 4% – 7% of its body weight with milk every day. At this time, it still needs more meals and less food (about 3-4 times a day), and the food still needs nutrition and delicious. Moreover, it’s better to feed it at midnight. It doesn’t make it overweight by feeding it as much as it can. In addition, you should also make sure that they have sufficient drinking water during this critical period. For pregnant dogs, we must pay attention to the nutrition of their diet. Of course, it is necessary to exercise properly. It is not allowed to lie on the ground all day long. If it is too fat, it may lead to dystocia.

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