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    In summer, the dog will have obvious loss of appetite. Many owners will worry about whether the dog will not be nutritious enough without eating, so they will add meat, snacks, etc. to the dog in summer. In fact, the feeding of dogs in summer is very particular. Following will tell you how to feed dogs scientifically in summer.

    Dogs are very afraid of heat, so they have a bad appetite every summer. This is a normal physiological condition of fat reduction to survive the heat, so the owners need not worry too much. In summer, because of the poor appetite, the weight will inevitably fall. The main feed is to measure the weight of the dog regularly in about one month. It’s OK to lose some dangerous weight, but if the loss is more than 10%, it means that the dog’s body may be in a state, so it should be taken to the animal hospital for diagnosis and treatment. If the dog’s appetite is still very strong in summer, the owner should pay attention to the problem of dog’s obesity, and it is necessary to control the dog’s food consumption.

    However, the rapid reduction of their food consumption will cause the dog’s manic depression, so it can be fed with low calorie food, which can also achieve the purpose of weight control.

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