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    From the day the dog enters the door, we have an invisible bond with the dog, so we should do our best to keep the dog, because we have this responsibility. If we want to raise a good dog, the first thing we need to know is how to get along with the dog correctly. Only when we get along with the dog well can we understand them better.

    1. Treat the dog as your partner and friend, feed, care and teach it patiently, and never be moody about it.

    2. A dog can’t have human intelligence or logical thinking, so it can’t understand human language. It can only learn through memory. Therefore, when training, we should be patient, repeat the password or a gesture constantly, and gradually make them establish a certain behavior habit. We should not rush or require too much.

    3. The emotional connection between man and dog is based on the premise that man and dog live together and regard it as man’s partner. Therefore, the owner and the dog should have more contact and get along well with each other.

    4. Among many dogs, the learning attitude, adaptability and understanding ability of each dog are quite different. Therefore, the owner should treat the dog differently and never abandon or abuse the laggard.

    5. In raising, the owner must know the body and physiological characteristics of the dog, so as to train and shape the dog.

    6. In the process of getting along with the dog, the owner should always carry out with love, patience and understanding. It is not advisable to beat the dog and abuse the dog at any time without reason. Even if a dog makes a mistake, the punishment should be appropriate.

    7. The reward and punishment for dogs should be appropriate and timely, which will play a multiplier role in dog training and shaping.

    8. Do not overindulge or overeat the dog. The dog should be given appropriate punishment when making mistakes.

    Dogs get along with us all their lifetime, so for us, dogs can be said to be another family member, so we mostly need to adopt an inclusive attitude towards them, but we can’t overindulge them. If we make mistakes, we need to criticize them in time, and we must educate them well.

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