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    Although not everyone who likes dogs will choose to keep dogs, but their love for dogs is not less than their own dog owners. So if they see a cute looking dog on the road, they can’t help but want to get close to the dog. But not all dogs are very gentle to anyone. Some dogs are born with a certain degree of vigilance, so it is very important for us to get along with strange dogs safely.

    1. Don’t contact a strange dog easily after dusk. The dog’s vigilance will increase at night, so if you meet a strange dog at night, it’s better not to approach it easily.

    2. Approaching the dog from the upper hand is not very important for the docile dog, but for the fierce dog, the choice of position is very learned. First of all, you should stand in the upwind position so that the dog can smell your smell, which will make it easier to accept you. Secondly, for the fiercer dog, you should keep a safe distance and don’t let it hurt yourself.

    3. Do not squat beside the dog. Try to lower your posture. Standing high in front of the dog will give it a sense of oppression, which is not conducive to further communication with the dog. For a small dog, you can squat on the ground to communicate with it, but for a large fierce dog, you must not squat or crisp beside it, because once the dog attacks you, you will not be able to avoid in time, the consequences are very serious.

    4. Your aura is very important. You don’t need to spend too much energy on a dog who is docile. You just need to talk to it gently, touch it, and make a little teasing to complete the process of goodwill. Your thoughts and attitudes towards dogs will be perceived to dogs through your aura. Don’t think it’s a myth. It’s true.

    5. Don’t stare into his eyes. Whether it’s a man or a dog, it’s a provocative act to stare into his eyes, which will provoke him. So don’t look into the eyes of a dog who is unfamiliar with you and is wary of you.

    6. Wagging the tail does not mean that the idea of loving a dog will be expressed through its actions. Generally speaking, when the dog is angry and attacking, it will shrug up, especially the hair on its shoulders, so that it looks larger than usual. In addition, the wagging of a dog’s tail is not always a sign of intimacy. The wagging of a dog’s tail is soft and gentle, while the wagging of a dog’s tail is stiff when it warns of an attack.

    7. How to deal with a fierce dog? Don’t get close to it immediately. First, talk with its owner kindly within its sight range, so that he can see that the owner is friendly to you. It should be noted that your body language must not be large, otherwise it will cause the dog’s alert. Don’t look him in the eye. Love him from the bottom of your heart. Let the dog feel that you are friendly and not threatening him. If the dog doesn’t stop barking at you, don’t yell or pretend to hit it. Don’t try to overpower it, but calm it down and communicate.

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