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    Like children, in order to make the intestines absorb nutrients normally and grow up healthily, they need to be deworming in vivo since childhood. When your dogs eat a lot of meat but don’t grow much meat, they find that it is caused by parasites, then how to deworming dogs?

    First of all, you should prepare the anthelmintic for your dog. Of course, it’s the dose that the veterinarian ordered. It should be noted that the gastrointestinal irritation should be reduced without affecting the anthelmintic effect as much as possible. For example, it’s better to choose insect repellent for a pet dog two hours after the dog has eaten something, because at this time, most of the food in the dog’s stomach has been digested, and the stomach and intestines are neither fully loaded nor completely empty, that is to say, at this time, the medicine can be digested in the food better. This time to give the dog to take insect repellent can reduce the number of times of nausea, and also can make the insect repellent play a role in insect repellent.

    If you are a small dog, you can directly open the corner of the dog’s mouth, put the tablet in the dog’s throat, and then close the dog’s mouth for 10 seconds to let the dog swallow the tablet completely. If you can’t, you can mix the pills with the dog’s daily food. When he eats, he can take the insect repellent by the way.

    It should be noted that in the days after the dog finishes the insect repellent, it is necessary to observe the poop of the dog. Sometimes there will be eggs of parasites or dead parasites discharged together. If the dog has a continuous discharge of parasites, it is better to consult with the veterinarian to see if it needs to be consolidated once, and if it needs to take an anthelmintic over a period of time.

    Whether you have found any parasites in your dog, it’s better to repel them regularly. After all, some parasites are invisible to the naked eye.

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