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    Dachshund is a kind of dog with peculiar shape. It’s very lively and intelligent, but it takes the owner a lot of effort to keep it. So, do you know the daily care of dachshund? Dachshunds are long in size but short in feet. It’s not difficult to raise dachshunds. Your dachshunds must be excellent as long as you use reasonable nutrition and feeding methods.
    Dachshunds should keep regular exercise and not be fed too much to avoid being overweight. The dog has short limbs and is easy to get dirty when walking, so a towel should be used to wipe off the dirt on the body to keep the coat luster. Long hair varieties should pay more attention to the carding of the coat to ensure the gorgeous color.
    The teeth of dachshunds are easy to grow tartar, which should be removed regularly. The spine of the dog is very long, so it is not suitable to train jumping, let alone holding the forelimb to pull it up or let it go up and down the high stairs, so as to avoid displacement of the spine and vertebrae or other diseases.

    All over the world, any kind of dachshunds can arouse people’s great enthusiasm, but when you decide to raise them, you must take into account the hard work of raising dogs, because dachshunds are one of the longest-lived dogs. It takes more time and energy to raise a young dachshund, because an 8-week-old puppy needs to be fed four times a day, so someone must take care of it. Adult dachshunds need more care. Regardless of the weather, take a walk twice a day for at least 20 minutes at a time. They need training, they need health care, they need grooming and countless caresses. They must not be kept at home all day.
    So if you go to work all day, you must find a responsible person to take care of it.

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