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    1. Trim the paws: In order to prevent yourself from being scratched by your cat during the bath, you can trim the paws before taking a bath.
    2. Grooming your cat; Grooming hair is a favorite and enjoyable thing for cats. So before preparing to bathe it, you can groom hair to keep it in a relaxed state.
    3. Prepare the necessary supplies: Bath tub, Towel, Pet shampoo, Water scoop container, Comb (one each with dense teeth and thin teeth), Brush, Cotton Swab, Cotton Ball, Eye Ointment (as needed), Small Tweezers (for taking cotton balls), Hair dryer, etc.
    4. Control indoor temperature: Cats are animals that are more afraid of cold. So the indoor temperature is best controlled at about 28 degC.
    5. Prepare hot water: The temperature of the hot water should be controlled at 40-50 degC. If the shower nozzle is used for flushing, it should be relatively slow.
    6. Soothe the cat’s Emotions: Remember to close the door when going to the bathroom. The cat could show panic before putting it into water. You must first soothe your cat and try to calm it down.
    7. Gently put the cat into the water: Grab the cat’s neck with one hand and drag the hind limbs with another hand. First pat some water on its back, let it adjust to the water temperature first, then slowly put it into the bathtub
    8. Gentle massage: After the cat’s body gets wet, you can squeeze an appropriate amount of shampoo on your hand, and wipe it gentlely all over the cat’s body.
    9. Fully Dried Your Cat with Towels: The bath time for the cat should not be too long, it is best to end within half an hour. After showering, take a dry towel to dry it gently.
    10. Thorough Dry with Hair Dryer: Be sure to completely dry the hair. Adjust the hair dryer to the lowest hot and speed setting, slowly approach the cat, and drying the cat slowly with the least amount of air as much as possible.

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