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    1. Comb and Groom: Before showering the dog, groom your pet to rid the knots. In the process of combing, carefully check whether whether there is skin disease or injuries, and then roughly clean up the dust and sheding hair.
    2. Squeeze the Anal Gland. Lift the dog’s tail up, place the thumb and index finger on both sides of the anus, and gently press inward to squeeze out slightly.
    3. Wet your dog thoroughly. Note that the water temperature should be 36-38 degrees Celsius. Then wet the whole body from the feet, body to the head until dog slowly adapt to the water temperature. Prevent water flowing into ears and eyes.
    4. Using a shampoo formulated for dogs, lather and rinse the dog’s head carefully. Scratching slightly and thoroughly for your dog and keeping soap and water out of the eyes and ears.
    5. Rinse your dog thoroughly and don’t let the shampoo remain on your dog body in case suffering from skin diseases.
    6. Dry the dog gently with towels and hair dryer, and keep your pet indoors until completely dry to avoid chilling. Grooming your dog hair with needle comb after drying.

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