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    The Colossus is a strong breed of dog, with a wide head and small round ears, a thick coat, and a special thick hair on the neck to form its characteristic mane. How to manage the fluffy hair of the Colossus?

    The Colossus dog is covered with fluffy and thick hair, which is the coat of the Colossus dog. Whether the Colossus dog looks smart or not depends on the dressing of the hair. Therefore, it’s necessary to comb the fur of the dog regularly to keep the luster of the hair.
    First, prepare two combs, one with dense teeth and one with sparse teeth. The hair of a chow lion dog needs to be combed every day to prevent the hair from clumping up without being combed.
    Then, comb the whole hair with a toothed comb to remove part of the dirt on the hair, and then comb with a toothed comb to smooth the whole hair.
    Finally, you can spray some flea agent on the hair surface to keep the Colossus dog away from flea damage and keep healthy forever. When bathing in summer, the times of taking a bath should be more frequent. Generally, take a bath once a week or two. In spring and autumn, you can take a bath once every 15-30 days.

    In winter, you can extend the bath time accordingly. It is necessary to determine the specific bathing time according to the cleanliness of the body. First of all, prepare bath tools, bath gel, comb, towel, hair dryer, hair conditioner, etc. Secondly, prepare the bath water temperature suitable for the Chow, and then take a bath. Don’t splash bath gel, water and other substances into the eyes, ears or mouth of the dog, to avoid causing the dog’s rebellious mood and unable to complete the whole bath process. Finally, after the bath, wipe the whole body with a towel, and then dry the wet hair with a hair dryer to avoid cold.

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