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    Afghan Hound is not often seen in China, but as long as we see his picture, it will be attracted by the lush hair of his whole body. The Afghan Hound looks like a lion from a distance, and its hair is very long, so it must be combed and cared frequently to maintain a good diet to ensure its hair is bright.
    We know that the growth of dog hair needs enough protein, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. Therefore, in the period of hair changing, we should provide the dog with a balanced diet of protein, vitamins and other nutrients, so as to ensure that the dog can take in enough nutrients to support the growth of the hair and ensure that the new hair can grow bright and beautiful. When changing the hair of an Afghan Hound, always comb it every day. Remove the hair that has fallen off from the dog’s body, timely remove the dust and dirt on the hair, and prevent the breeding of parasites. At the same time, massage the dog’s body to promote blood circulation, so that the new hair can grow healthily. In addition to grooming and arranging nutritious food, in fact, the sanitation of the environment also needs to be cleaned and kept clean in time. In particular, the dog kennel needs to be disinfected regularly, and the sleeping mat needs to be replaced and dried in time. In this way, the parasite can be better prevented from breeding in the Afghan Hound, so as to ensure that it can change hair smoothly and grow shiny new hair. In addition, if the owner is not satisfied with the hair color of the Afghan Hound, he can also choose weisconmei hair powder from Boqi mall, which is a combination of hair oil and hair powder. One can has two effects. The deep improvement of hair quality and the consolidation of hair pigmentation can make the Afghan Hound eat happily while the hair is beautiful!

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