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    Although the hair of Labrador is short, it needs to be combed regularly to keep its beauty and avoid skin diseases. Next, I will introduce the correct way to comb the hair of Labrador dogs.

    Pay attention not to let the tip of the needle comb hurt the Labrador dog and his hand. The tip of the needle comb is very sharp. The skin of the Labrador dog is generally thick and not easy to be hurt. But when you comb to some special parts, you should be careful, such as the circumference of the eyes, under the ears, belly and so on. The skin of these parts is thin. If you exert too much force It’s easy to get a Labrador.

    In addition, it is reminded that you should also be careful not to pierce your hand. Because we need to hold the body of the Labrador dog, or hold the hair in one hand, and use the needle in the other hand to comb the hair layer by layer, so it’s easier to comb the hand holding the hair. I’ve been stabbed and bleeding, so please pay attention. If you do tie your hands, you should wipe them with iodine to avoid dirt.

    When combing for Labrador, you should also pay attention to the selection of a comb suitable for the body shape of Labrador dogs. The comb can be divided into different sizes. Usually, a very small comb is used to comb for a very small Labrador or cat. Comb the Labrador dog, especially the large dog. It’s better to choose a large area needle comb with a metal base plate at the back, so it will be more labor-saving and more comfortable to comb the dog.

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